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   I’m Carol Walkner, and I have been involved in writing, for both business and personal pleasure, for about forty years.

   Most of all I’m an “Imagineer” – through creative journal writing, storytelling, simple art making and writing practices, I will guide, inspire and empower you to turn your visions into reality – business or personal -- a catalyst for changing ‘what is’ into ‘what could be’.

   Explore the possibilities – and imagine your own possibilities. And to help you explore: please check out the new book “Exploring Transformations” by clicking the link on the left. 40 inspiring women -- 40 powerful stories, and I’m pleased to say that one of those women is me.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac!
   This is the year to manifest everything you’ve always wanted … focus and be clear and it’s yours!
   Are you looking for guidance?
   Have you experienced, or are going through, a life changing event?
   Is it time to have the life you dreamed of, be the person you want to be?
   Would you like to feel whole, balanced and fulfilled?

   The DRAGON’S WAY experiential program will help to inspire you, it is your roadmap to becoming balanced and fulfilled. It is the blueprint for your success in being the person you want to be, living your dream life. MANIFEST NOW – it is yours for the asking and the knowing.
   The DRAGON’S WAY is an innovative, experiential program involving a series of modules based on the attributes of the DRAGON. We offer a short version 6 Week class in Point Pleasant Beach starting soon (call for details) and a longer 6 Month in-depth course. There will be an on-line version as well that you can experience in your own time, at your own pace.

Please browse the site at your leisure, and return often, as content will continually evolve and grow.

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Empowering Transformations for Women ~ 40 Inspiring Women, 40 Powerful Stories 

2012 -- Year of the Dragon!